Launching the "Call Center" of the National Elections Commission

10 May 2015

The National Elections Committee continues its strenuous steps in strengthening communication channels with all segments of society in the United Arab Emirates, to ensure the availability of all information related to the 2015 Federal National Council elections, as the National Elections Committee announced the launch of its call center service to deal with all inquiries about any Information or procedures related to the Federal National Council elections, and communication with the committee via its call center service at (600500005).

  This step also comes within the framework of the targeted initiatives that the committee is implementing to raise public awareness and facilitate the various procedures related to the 2015 Federal National Council elections. The committee is also working to provide all capabilities and modern technologies that support the committee in delivering its message to the public.

The launch of this center is a step that keeps communication channels open with the community on an ongoing basis, and confirms that the organizational and technical procedures have reached advanced stages as part of its endeavor to ensure that all preparations are complete before a sufficient period of time before the election date.

The National Elections Committee has been working for some time to develop a comprehensive plan and strategy dedicated to enhancing communication with all segments of the public, so that the committee ensures the existence of various sources of official electoral information, whether through press releases or the new website of the committee, which was announced before its extension, or The social media that the committee recently launched to ensure permanent and rapid communication with the public.

  The call center receives calls and questions related to the elections, which are answered by a qualified team to deal with the public and respond to their inquiries during the official working days of the week, from nine in the morning until nine in the evening as an initial period, as work will be done later to increase working hours and deal with the public for more hours as the date approaches. The election.

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