The National Elections Committee calls for not to engage in any campaign activity before the specified date and to adhere to the executive instructions and the election schedule

14 July 2015

Tariq Lootah: Practicing any advertising and promotional work before the specified dates is an electoral violation that may expose those who do it to the penalties prescribed in accordance with the executive instructions for the elections. Tariq Lootah: The status of a candidate cannot be acquired by any member of the electoral bodies until after the list of final candidates has been approved and announced by the committee.

The National Elections Committee stressed the need for members of electoral bodies to abide by the general rules of the electoral process set by the executive instructions for the 2015 Federal National Council elections, which represent the legal framework regulating the electoral process. electoral.

His Excellency Tariq Hilal Lootah, Undersecretary of the Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs and Chairman of the Election Management Committee, noted that practicing this kind of propaganda and promotional activities at an untimely time is a clear violation of the rules of the electoral process, as Article (45) of the executive instructions stipulates that the propaganda begins. The electoral process after announcing the final list of candidates, and ending with the end of the official working hours preceding the election day by forty-eight hours, according to the schedule set by the National Elections Commission.

His Excellency added: "We call on the members of the electoral colleges to wait to start campaigning and promoting for their benefit or for the benefit of one of the members of the bodies who have the desire to run for these elections, and we call on them to adhere to the announced schedule that set the date for the start of the electoral campaign from Sunday - September 6, 2015 until Wednesday - September 30, 2015," noting his happiness that it is not permissible to practice any form of electoral campaigning, whether traditional or through electronic means of communication, before the aforementioned date.

His Excellency stressed the need to fully adhere to the determinants of the candidacy process that are clearly stipulated in the executive instructions and set with clear dates included in the timetable for the electoral process, as the status of a candidate cannot be acquired by any member of the electoral bodies except after announcing the list of final candidates approved by the committee. Which will be issued on Monday, August 31, 2015, considering that the practice of such activities is a clear violation of the executive instructions of the electoral process, which may expose those who carry it out to the penalties prescribed in accordance with the executive instructions of the elections.

And according to the executive instructions of the electoral process in Article (51), the National Elections Commission has the right to consider violations that disrupt the conduct of the elections or impede the implementation of the instructions issued in this regard. The National Committee has the right to impose the following penalties: Warning a member of the electoral college to be excluded, whether from the lists of electoral bodies or from the lists of candidates in the original or supplementary elections, excluding any of the names included in the lists of electoral bodies or in the lists of candidates, even if these lists are final, revoking the license With the electoral campaign granted to the candidate, obligate the candidate to pay a fine not exceeding (five) thousand dirhams, oblige the candidate or the voter to hand over to the National Committee any sums he obtained other than what is stated in the executive instructions, obligate the candidate to remove violations related to the electoral campaign, and repair any damages arising therefrom. at his own expense, and annulment of the election result in the emirate.

His Excellency Tariq Lootah indicated that the National Elections Committee is working continuously to follow up and monitor any electoral violations that may be committed by some members of the electoral bodies through the monitoring methods used by the committee, on which reports are issued periodically, to ensure the conduct of the electoral process in accordance with the highest levels of transparency in the application of instructions. Executive of the electoral process. He called on all members of society to share the responsibility of contributing to the success of this electoral process so that it appears in a manner worthy of the UAE, through a clear commitment to the rules of the electoral process.

Article (43) of the executive instructions prohibits a number of prohibitions that candidates must abide by, namely: receiving any money or donations from outside the country or from foreign persons or entities. The spending ceiling on electoral campaigning exceeded (2) million dirhams. Providing any in-kind or material gifts to voters. Using the official emblem of the state or its symbols in meetings, advertisements, electoral bulletins, and all types of writings and drawings used in electoral propaganda. Using the electoral campaign for other than its purpose; It is the promotion of their candidacy and electoral programs. Using associations, clubs, schools, universities, institutes, places of worship, hospitals, governmental and semi-governmental buildings, whether federal or local, public parks or commercial centers to advertise the candidate. Exploiting religion, tribal or ethnic affiliation for electoral purposes. The use of loudspeakers in electoral campaigning, except in the halls and halls designated for this purpose. Pasting flyers, advertisements, or any type of writing, graphics, and pictures on cars or vehicles of all kinds. The use of telephone messages by companies or commercial use in his election campaign.

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