Gargash communicates with followers of the "NBK" election developments via Twitter

14 August 2011

His Excellency Dr. Anwar Muhammad Gargash, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Minister of State for Federal National Council Affairs, Chairman of the National Elections Commission, joined the flock of tweeters on the social networking site "Twitter: @AnwarGargash". Thus, Gargash will be the first minister in the federal government to officially join the famous website with the aim of communicating with citizens and those interested in the Federal National Council elections to be held on September 24.

His Excellency Gargash - who manages the account himself - confirmed that Twitter is an ideal platform for direct communication with all groups interested in the upcoming elections, especially the youth segment, which constitutes 35% of the total number of voters in the country's electoral bodies. Pointing out that he will follow with interest all messages received to his personal account during the upcoming Federal National Council elections period.

It is worth noting that the National Elections Committee provides a package of direct communication channels with those interested in the latest developments in the upcoming elections for the Federal National Council, such as the website (, the call center (600-566661), or via the National Elections Committee fax (02-4041155). ).

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