The National Election Commission participates in the International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition

14 September 2011

As part of your efforts to contribute to spreading electoral awareness

The National Elections Committee is participating in the ninth session of the International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition, which will be held at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center from September 14 to 17, as part of the committee's efforts to introduce the electoral process by being present in all places and events that attract the public in general and citizens in general. private.

  The committee participates in an integrated pavilion that includes a training platform for electronic voting, allowing visitors, especially members of electoral bodies, to view and experience the system in a way that facilitates the approved voting process on polling day scheduled for September 24, 2011. , as well as leaflets explaining the electronic voting process and information voters should know.

The participation of the National Elections Committee comes as part of its efforts to contribute to spreading electoral awareness and introducing the program of the President of the State to enhance political participation among the various segments of society. It also aims to introduce the electronic voting system and provide an opportunity for the largest possible number of electoral bodies to experience the system.

The National Elections Committee is working to contribute to awareness and education efforts related to the elections, as it has held several introductory seminars for the various sectors of society, electoral bodies and candidates.

short texts and the website, and the committee spares no effort in communicating with all segments of society by various means and methods available.

The committee called on all visitors to the exhibition to visit its booth and learn all the information related to the 2011 Federal National Council elections.

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