17 warnings issued against FNC candidates for breaking rules

16 September 2019

Candidates who breach regulations face fines of up to Dh5,000 and can be disqualified from the election

More than a dozen candidates running for Federal National Council seats received official warnings for breaking election campaign rules.

The National Election Committee on Monday said it had issued warnings to 17 candidates across the country for flouting electoral programme and advertising campaign regulations between September 8 and 16 but did not specify what they had done wrong.

Warnings were sent to three candidates in Abu Dhabi, four in Dubai, eight in Sharjah, one in Ajman and another in Ras Al Khaimah.

The rules for campaigning are outlined in Article 59 and candidates are closely monitored by the Committee. Failure to comply with these rules could mean a fine of up to Dh5,000 or disqualification from the election.

The regulations that govern candidates include the requirement to submit any money or gifts received from voters to the Committee.

Last week, a Dubai candidate was warned for "violating FNC election executive instructions".

More than 550 Emiratis registered as potential candidates for this year's elections. A final list of 495 were announced by the Committee.

Last week, two candidates withdrew from the election, reducing the number of election hopefuls to 493.

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