Launching the social media channels of the National Elections Commission

19 May 2015

To enhance the principle of communication and interaction with the community

The National Elections Committee launched its official platform through social media channels, as part of its keenness to use various media, including social media, in order to acquaint all segments of society with the tasks carried out by the committee in managing the Federal National Council elections 2015, and to announce activities and events and display news related to Committee work.

  Through these platforms, the National Elections Committee is keen to increase its interaction with the electoral bodies and the rest of society according to the latest innovative and diversified technologies, and to use them to transmit official information issued by the committee regarding the 2015 Federal National Council elections process. It also includes special coverage of meetings, decisions and instructions issued by the committee. The committee, where the voter and the citizen will be able to get acquainted with a large amount of information they want about the procedures of the electoral process in all its stages directly through these channels.

  The Committee hopes that these channels will achieve a qualitative leap in its efforts to promote a culture of participation and political awareness, especially in the electoral process, as a new step added to its predecessors in the process of implementing the program to empower the Federal National Council and develop the life of a female parliamentarian in the Emirates, which was launched by His Highness, President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed - may God protect him -.

The official channels of the National Elections Commission carried the name "@uaeelection" on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

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