259 nomination requests for the Federal National Council elections 2015 were received by the committee within 4 days

19 August 2015

62 applications for candidacy, the fourth day, including 19 women

The National Elections Committee received a total of 259 candidacy applications, including those of 52 women, from all registration centers in all emirates of the country, within 4 days of the scheduled days for the candidate registration process announced in the electoral process schedule.

The number of applications for candidacy for the fourth day of the registration days reached 62, including applications for 19 women from all registration centers in all emirates of the country. With the end of the fourth day, the registration process will be close to the end of its scheduled period by the end of the day, August 20, so that the National Elections Committee will conclude with this a pivotal stage of the electoral process, during which it received applications for candidacy over a period of 5 days.

According to the schedule for the 2015 Federal National Council elections, the National Elections Committee will announce the preliminary list of candidates on August 23, and the final list will be announced on August 31, and the candidate can withdraw his candidacy application no later than September 14.

The National Elections Committee also invites all citizens to verify that their names are included in the lists of electoral bodies by visiting the committee’s website www.uaenec.ae or by calling the National Elections Committee call center 600500005.

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