Al Owais: UAE has made great achievements in empowerment and political development

19 August 2019

Minister of State for the Federal National Council Affairs and Chairman of the National Election Commission, Abdulrahman bin Mohammed Al Owais, said that the UAE had made great achievements in the process of empowerment and political development, thanks to the leadership.

He noted that these achievements were based on the main pillars of the accurate knowledge of the needs and requirements of the UAE society and the preservation of its gains. All the legislation and procedures have been put in place to ensure the improvement of parliamentary work by setting conditions that ensure the empowerment of qualified citizens to represent the council and the citizens and to meet their needs.

In an article on the occasion of the fourth round of the FNC 2019 elections, Al Owais opined that the UAE, through the fourth round of the FNC 2019 elections, is moving steadily towards a new electoral process, which is a complementary step in the process of enhancing political participation among members of society. This electoral process will culminate in a vote to select members of the council on 5th October, 2019, who will better be able to shoulder responsibility and carry out the national interests, which will be assigned to them, he added.

He stated that the excellence of the UAE in unique parliamentary work has become the focus of attention among many countries across the world. It was and will in the long-term remain the proactive vision of the leadership which believes in the capabilities of all the citizens to enable them to be able to represent the UAE and defend the interests of the people of the UAE in all areas.

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