The National Elections Committee continues its introductory seminars for members of the electoral bodies

20 July 2011

Objective selection of the candidate enriches the political life in the country

The National Elections Committee continued to hold its introductory seminars at the state level for the electoral bodies for the 2011 Federal National Council elections, by holding two seminars in the Emirate of Dubai and Al Ain, as a continuation of the seminars that it started earlier this week with the aim of introducing all legal and organizational matters of the electoral process to be held on September 24.

These seminars come within the framework of the National Elections Committee's contribution to awareness and education efforts related to the elections, and spreading the culture of elections in the Emirati society, especially since the seminars are not limited to members of the electoral bodies, and all citizens can participate in them and learn about the various aspects related to the elections.

Dr. Saeed Al Ghafli, Assistant Undersecretary for Federal National Council Affairs at the Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs, a member of the National Elections Committee, attended the symposium, which was held yesterday evening in Dubai, and Dr. Muhammad Butti Thani Al Shamsi, in Al Ain City.

Dr. Saeed Al-Ghafli said: “The National Elections Committee is keen to communicate with all electoral bodies at the state level, given the large increase in the number of these bodies. The importance of such seminars to introduce the elections comes from the fact that this electoral experience is the first for the majority of voters, so we were keen to explain Instructions governing this process, whether for voters or candidates.

He added, "The committee will continue its seminars during the coming period, so that a second seminar will be held today in Dubai to provide an opportunity for the largest number of voters in the emirate to participate in these seminars. Other seminars will also be held in various emirates of the country."

He said: "Elections are of great importance in the political life of any society, so voters must cast their votes, contribute to urging members of electoral bodies to participate, and be careful to choose those who represent them wisely and objectively in a way that reflects positively on the electoral experience and enriches political life in the country."

The seminars will review many topics related to the electoral process, most notably the general principles of elections and the legal framework, the rights and duties of the voter and candidate, the electronic voting mechanism, the voting process and a review of the electoral experience in 2006.

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