Embassies and diplomatic missions receive FNC voters on the first day of voting outside the country

21 September 2019

Tariq Lootah: The voting process outside the country started on time and is proceeding as planned in all polling stations

The embassies and diplomatic missions of the United Arab Emirates spread across most parts of the world witnessed a remarkable turnout on the first day of the voting process abroad, through 94 polling centers, which were fully equipped and provided with all means that enable voters to cast their votes in electing their representatives from among the members of the Federal National Council. .

His Excellency Tariq Hilal Lootah, Undersecretary of the Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs and Chairman of the Elections Management Committee, affirmed that the voting process outside the country started on time and is proceeding according to plan, in all polling centers that have been equipped to accommodate the reception of voters, and that it has not received any votes. Complaints or observations on the opening of polling stations.

His Excellency indicated that the National Elections Committee takes all measures to ensure the organization of the voting process in the electoral centers spread in most countries of the world according to the highest standards of accuracy, transparency and integrity for voting in embassies and diplomatic missions, which is applied for the first time in the Federal National Council elections in a step to empower members of electoral bodies wherever they are. From exercising their electoral right and participating in the 2015 elections.

His Excellency pointed out that participating effectively in the electoral process is a natural reflection of the societal awareness among all members of society of the importance of the National Council and the great role it plays in expressing their issues, conveying their voices and requirements, and discussing them in order to take appropriate solutions to them.

The National Elections Committee clarifies that the national identity is the document that authorizes its bearer to vote to choose his representatives, and members of the electoral bodies can also use a copy of the Emirati identity, provided that it is accompanied by another personal identification document, confirming that the voting process abroad will be carried out manually and through the ballot boxes that have been processing for this purpose.

The National Elections Committee invites all members of electoral bodies outside the country who have not yet exercised their electoral right to participate in the voting process in embassies during the second day, September 21, 2015, from ten in the morning until six in the evening, at the time of the country in which the polling center is located.

Members of electoral bodies can learn more information about the voting process and procedures, in addition to knowing the addresses of the country's diplomatic missions abroad by visiting the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: www.mofa.gov.ae and the website of the National Elections Committee: www.uaenec.ae

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