The National Elections Committee issues the "Voter and Candidate Guide" and "Tamkeen the Federal National Council Program"

22 August 2011

The National Elections Committee issued the "Voter and Candidate Guide" and the "FNC Empowerment Program", as part of its efforts to raise awareness and education on matters related to elections and the program of the President of the State, may God protect him, to enhance political participation.

The issuance of the Voter and Candidate Guide was aimed at enabling voters to exercise their electoral right in a manner that guarantees them the preservation of their votes, and to clarify to both voters and candidates their rights and duties, so that each of them, especially those entering the election arena for the first time, becomes familiar with all aspects of the electoral process.

This publication has been divided into three main sections: the first is an introduction to the 2011 Federal National Council elections, the second is a guide for the voter, and the third is a guide for the candidate. It includes a number of topics of interest to all those involved in the electoral process, by providing answers to all questions related to the 2011 Federal National Council elections in a simplified manner that is easy to understand and comprehend by all those interested in the electoral process.

The second edition of the “Empowerment of the Federal National Council” reviews the practical steps that have been taken to enhance and activate the role of the Federal National Council to be a supportive, guiding and supportive authority for the executive institution in what was known as the “empowerment phase”, which was launched in the speech of His Highness

Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State - may God protect him - on the occasion of the thirty-fourth National Day of the United Arab Emirates in 2005.

The release provides a detailed picture of the speech of the Head of State, the decisions that were taken to empower the Council, and the stages of empowerment that included the creation of a ministry concerned with the affairs of the Federal National Council, the first elections in 2006, the constitutional amendment No. (1) of 2009, the Federal National Council after the 2006 elections, and the second elections 2011.

His Excellency Tariq Hilal Lootah, Undersecretary of the Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs, member of the National Elections Committee and Chairman of the Election Management Committee, said: “These publications come within the framework of the committee’s keenness to provide a comprehensive picture of the empowerment program that established a new phase of the work of the National Council. This important stage in the history of the United Arab Emirates must be documented, and we have been keen, through the issuance of the Voter and Candidate Guide, to provide all information and instructions of interest to the electoral bodies, whether voters or candidates.”

He added: "The National Elections Committee, while placing these publications in the hands of all those concerned with the 2011 Federal National Council elections, hopes that they will find adequate answers to all questions that may be related to the electoral matter. The committee has begun distributing these publications to the electoral bodies and those interested in this matter." domain, and published the two versions on the National Elections Commission website,

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