The Election Management Committee provides mass transportation for voters on Saturday, September 24, 2011

22 September 2011

In the interest of the Election Management Committee of the National Elections Commission, it announced today the provision of mass transportation for voters in the various regions of the country, with the aim of securing all means that guarantee the access of any voter to the electoral center with complete ease.

The committee said that this step came to ensure that all voters would practice their national duty on September 24, 2011, as mass transportation will be spread across 23 stations, and it has been taken into account that these stations cover the largest possible geographical area, so that this service is accessible to all.

The committee called on voters to use the mass transportation available, especially for families, which will contribute to reducing the presence of vehicles in front of the polling stations, noting that the available means are characterized by modern specifications. the polling centers, and return them to the same place, and the other flight departs at two o'clock in the afternoon towards the polling centers and then returns them.

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