The National Elections Committee strengthens its communication channels by launching a smart application

24 June 2015

Within the framework of enhancing its communication with its target audience

Within the framework of enhancing means of communication with various segments of society and electoral bodies, the National Elections Committee launched its smart application to provide a new interactive platform to enhance communication and interaction with all segments of society and members of electoral bodies, regarding the Federal National Council elections 2015.

This initiative also comes within the framework of the targeted initiatives that the committee is implementing to raise public awareness and facilitate the various procedures related to the 2015 Federal National Council elections, by providing all capabilities and modern technologies that support the committee in delivering its message to the public.

The application, which bears the name "National Elections Committee" and is available through the application download sites "Apple Store and Google Play", includes all information related to the electoral process for the 2015 Federal National Council elections, including executive instructions, members of the Emirates committees and their headquarters in various emirates of the country, in addition to the feature to search for the names of members The electoral bodies that authorize the user to verify that his name is included in these lists when they are issued, as well as the timetable for the conduct of the electoral process.

The smart application also provides a comprehensive interactive technology that will save a lot of effort in obtaining all electoral information, as well as news about the activities of the committee in managing the electoral process.

This application joins a series of previous initiatives taken by the committee in order to provide all open channels with the public to provide all information and answer inquiries, as it launched its official platforms through social networking sites a long time ago, in addition to the call center of the National Elections Committee, which deals directly with inquiries. The public about the 2015 electoral process.

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