The National Elections Committee announces that it has not received any appeals against the candidates of the Federal National Council

24 August 2011

The National Elections Committee announced today that it did not receive any appeals against the candidates of the Federal National Council, during the legal period that started from August 21-23, 2011.

The committee indicated in a statement issued today that the UAE committees have opened the door to receiving appeals with the names of candidates that were previously published in various media outlets and on the website of the National Elections Committee, based on the executive instructions that gave the members of the Electoral College the right to challenge the candidacy of a candidate for acceptable reasons, through The Emirate Committee and within the specified time period, and the Emirates committees did not receive any objections to the announced candidates.

It should be noted that an appeal against a candidate takes place in the event that one of the constitutional conditions stipulated in Article 70 of the Constitution is not met by the candidate, or if the conditions stipulated in the executive instructions for the 2011 elections are not met.

The committee called on all candidates to view all information related to the elections, especially with regard to electoral campaigns, to ensure that they proceed in accordance with what was decided by the executive instructions. questions about the electoral process.

The National Elections Committee had announced the preliminary list of candidates on August 20, 2011, which included 469 candidates representing all the emirates of the country, and next Sunday it will announce the final list of candidates, and then the electoral campaigns will start from September 4 to September 21, up to the election day on September 24. 2011.

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