The National Elections Committee adopts the executive instructions and the day of the Federal National Council elections

29 April 2015

Dr. Anwar Gargash: The executive instructions enhance confidence in the procedures of the electoral process and the results that will result from it

Executive instructions constitute the legal framework for all stages of the electoral process

Executive instructions aim to reach the best organizational standards and procedures that enable the National Committee to carry out its tasks to the fullest

A new system in the voting process known as the "single vote" system

The 2015 Elections Appeals Committee will be formed under the chairmanship of a judge and the membership of two experts and specialists

The creation of a “sorting committee” as a central committee to be formed under the chairmanship of the head of the National Elections Committee, with the membership of those with experience and competence whom he deems useful.

During its tenth meeting, which was held today (April 29) at the headquarters of the Ministry of Presidential Affairs in Abu Dhabi, the National Elections Committee approved the executive instructions for the 2015 Federal National Council elections. It also set Saturday, October 3, 2015 as the date for nationwide elections.

The executive instructions, with their new amendments, represent the legal framework for the implementation of the electoral process in all its stages, in a way that guarantees the highest levels of transparency and professionalism. The National Elections Committee will also announce the details of the timetable during the coming period.

His Excellency Dr. Anwar Muhammad Gargash, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Minister of State for Federal National Council Affairs, Chairman of the National Elections Committee, stressed that the Committee, in order to prepare to run the elections for the third time in the country, has taken into consideration access to the best organizational standards and procedures that are appropriate to the prestige and sobriety of the electoral process. , which enhances the performance of the committee in carrying out its tasks efficiently and competently in managing the electoral scene in the country.

His Excellency's statements came during the tenth meeting of the Committee, where he confirmed that the Committee will work to implement the electoral process in a manner that keeps pace with the vision of the wise leadership aimed at enhancing political participation and developing the experience of the Federal National Council to a stage of greater representation and clearer effectiveness, in order to serve the development of the political empowerment program of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State, may God protect him, which he launched in 2005 on the occasion of the thirty-fourth National Day of the UAE to strengthen the role of the Federal National Council, and to bring the parliamentary experience to its purposes in serving the country and the citizen.

New voting system

His Excellency also explained that the committee, during its periodic meetings, discussed in detail every aspect of the electoral process before reaching the executive instructions in their current form, stressing that this step contributed to adding many items to the executive instructions compared to the previous experience, as a new system was adopted in the process. Voting is known as the "one-vote" system, which requires that the voter only choose one candidate, regardless of the number of candidates to be elected in the emirate to which he belongs.

His Excellency stressed that the executive instructions for the Federal National Council elections 2015 will ensure access to the highest standards of transparency and integrity in the management of the electoral process due to what it will provide of an organized and managed electoral atmosphere according to the highest levels of professionalism and professionalism, indicating that the executive instructions will also contribute effectively to informing all parties to the electoral process. with the legal rules that govern them, pointing out that these instructions will increase confidence in all procedures related to the conduct of the electoral process, and the results that will result in the fullest way.

His Excellency explained that determining the election day in advance enables the committee to manage the electoral process with high efficiency, and it also constitutes a clear vision for the committee to move forward in the electoral process according to a specific time frame and enhances the awareness of community members about it, and at the same time ensures that the highest standards of accuracy are achieved in the conduct of the elections. The electoral process.

Creation of a screening committee

Perhaps one of the most prominent amendments included in the executive instructions is the creation of the “Sorting Committee”, which is a central committee formed under the chairmanship of the Chairman of the National Committee, and the membership of whomever considers their assistance with experience and competence, as this committee is entrusted with the following tasks: Carrying out the screening process using the technical methods used in the system Electronic voting, and then announcing the election results for those with the highest votes, according to the number of candidates to be elected in the Emirate. This committee also determines the members of the reserve list in each emirate, arranged according to the number of votes obtained by each of them.

The instructions also stipulated that an “appeals committee” be formed, headed by a judge, with the membership of two experts and specialists. Provided that it is entrusted with examining all electoral appeals, whether by challenging the candidacy of a candidate or the results of the polling and counting process, and submitting a report of the legal opinion thereon to the National Committee. It is noteworthy that the appeals committee was formed in the previous elections, headed by the Minister of Justice (who is a member of the National Elections Committee).

The executive instructions granted the Emirate Committee the authority to form sub-committees affiliated to it to assist it in performing its duties, after obtaining the approval of the Election Management Committee.

The executive instructions clarify many general provisions related to the electoral process, which indicate that the purpose of membership of the Council is to represent all the people of the federation and not just the emirate that the member represents, and to strive to strengthen national belonging and work to achieve the public interest.

electorate bodies

And according to Article Three of Chapter One thereof, the executive instructions stipulate that each emirate shall have an electoral commission formed by three hundred times the number of seats allocated to the emirate in the Council in accordance with the constitution as a minimum, and its members shall be nominated by the ruler of the emirate.

With regard to determining who is entitled to vote in the elections, the executive instructions stipulate in Article 5 of them that every citizen whose name is mentioned in the Electoral College of the Emirate to which he belongs shall enjoy the right to vote.

Candidacy rules

Article (20) of the Executive Instructions stipulates that every member of an electoral college has the power to run for membership of the Council if he fulfills the following conditions: his age is not less than twenty-five Gregorian years, he has civil capacity, good conduct, good reputation, he has not been previously judged in A crime against honor, unless he has been rehabilitated according to the law, to have sufficient knowledge of reading and writing.

Voting mechanism

The executive instructions have adopted the electronic voting system as a unified mechanism for voting inside and outside the country, as Article (29) of it stipulates that the voter casts his vote through the approved electronic voting devices in the polling center according to the steps specified therein, and abandons the use of the ballot papers that were used in the previous.

The executive instructions of 2015 have also reformulated the definition of the election center, which is the place determined by the National Committee for members of the Electoral College to cast their votes in the electoral process, whether inside or “outside” the country.

Election campaign controls

  Article (39) of the instructions stipulates that every candidate has the right to express himself, to carry out any activity aimed at persuading voters to choose him, and to advertise his electoral program freely, provided that he adheres to the controls and rules that are represented in preserving the values and principles of society, adhering to rules and regulations, respecting public order, and not including The electoral campaign includes ideas that call for provoking religious, sectarian, tribal or ethnic intolerance towards others, and does not deceive or deceive voters by any means. It also stipulates that his electoral campaign should not include promises or programs outside the powers of the council member.

Election transparency

Article (44) of the instructions stipulates that all candidates must adhere to not exceeding the ceiling of spending on electoral campaigning at an amount of (2) million dirhams, as well as disclosing the sources of financing campaigns and electoral campaigns, and handing over to the Election Management Committee the campaign plan and budget for approval, and not using telephone messages from He accepted corporate or commercial use in his electoral campaign, in addition to not providing any in-kind or material gifts to voters.

The executive instructions include a statement of the management of the electoral process, a statement of the body supervising the electoral process and its supporting committees, and a statement of the terms of reference for each of them. It stipulates that the National Elections Committee shall undertake the drawing up of the general framework of the electoral process and the general supervision of the conduct of the elections, in addition to contributing to awareness and education efforts related to the elections, setting the rules governing the conduct of the electoral process, and determining the electoral centers in each emirate.

The executive instructions also clarify the nature of electoral appeals: in terms of clarifying the conditions for appealing against a candidate on the one hand, and clarifying the conditions for appealing in the process of counting votes and announcing the results on the other hand.

Directions to circulate instructions

As a step after adopting the executive instructions aimed at reaching the best organizational standards and procedures befitting the status of the electoral process, and which enhance the performance of the committee in carrying out its tasks optimally and efficiently in managing the electoral scene in the country, His Excellency Dr. Anwar Gargash directed the Election Management Committee of the National Committee For the elections, it works to publish the executive instructions and inform the public about them, and to make them accessible to everyone and through all means that enable the committee to achieve its goals, whether through official media channels, social communication and other newspapers and radio stations in order to create a state of comprehensive awareness of the electoral process system by the bodies electoral process as a first stage, and then for candidates at a later stage.

The National Elections Committee publishes the full text of the executive instructions for the 2015 Federal National Council elections on its website: You can also inquire about any information related to the executive instructions through the National Elections Committee call center via the number (600500005) from nine in the morning until five. evening.

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