The National Elections Committee calls on candidates to abide by the electoral campaign regulations

03 September 2011

Not to include in the electoral campaign ideas that call for provoking religious, sectarian, tribal or ethnic intolerance towards others

Tariq Lootah: We encourage electoral campaigns as long as they adhere to the instructions, and we consider them a tool of political education

The National Elections Committee called on candidates for the 2011 Federal National Council elections to abide by the executive instructions and controls of the electoral campaigns, which are scheduled to begin tomorrow, Sunday, according to the election schedule.

His Excellency Tariq Hilal Lootah, Undersecretary of the Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs, member of the National Elections Committee and Chairman of the Election Management Committee, said: “Election campaigns are one of the important tools that candidates use to introduce themselves, their electoral programmes, ideas, aspirations and future plans to electoral bodies, and this is a right guaranteed by the instructions.” The executive director of the candidate as long as he adheres to the specified controls and instructions.

He added: "The National Elections Committee, when setting the rules for electoral campaigns, took into account that they are compatible with the civilized and architectural level that the United Arab Emirates has reached, and that they do not distort the features of cities and are not a source of inconvenience to others. These controls have been put in place to organize the process only. It is legally permitted, and we encourage it because it adds to the popular movement that began months ago with the start of educational seminars initiated by the National Elections Commission to introduce the program of the President of the State to enhance political participation and the elections of the Federal National Council.

He continued, "Election campaigns open the way for voters to get acquainted with the ideas and visions of the candidates, and at the same time develop the knowledge of the new generation and motivate them to learn about the Federal National Council and its importance in the country, and this matter is considered a tool of political education."

The executive instructions stipulate that the candidate, in his electoral campaign, is committed to preserving the values and principles of society, adhering to rules and regulations, and respecting public order, and not including in the electoral campaign ideas that call for provoking religious, sectarian, tribal, or ethnic intolerance towards others, and presenting their electoral programs in the local audio-visual media. And read and hold seminars and press conferences in accordance with the rules specified by the instructions and in accordance with the special controls set by the National Elections Commission.

It also stipulates that all candidates are obligated not to exceed the spending ceiling on advertising and promotional campaigns for the amount of (2) million dirhams, and to disclose the sources of funding for advertising and electoral campaigns, and it prohibited candidates from using the official state emblem or its symbols in meetings, advertisements, electoral bulletins, and all types of writings and drawings used. in the election campaign.

During the last two weeks, the National Elections Committee held three educational seminars for candidates to introduce them to their rights and duties in accordance with the executive instructions. The seminars also focused on the conditions and rules of electoral campaigns. The committee calls on all candidates to review the controls that govern electoral campaigns in accordance with the executive instructions for the National Council elections. 2011, by visiting the Committee's website, or calling the call center (600566661).

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