A training workshop for members of the UAE committees and their assistant employees on the controls and monitoring of electoral campaigns for candidates

03 September 2015

With the approaching start of the campaign stage for the candidates

Dr. Saeed Al-Ghafli: We will work to monitor the candidates’ implementation of their advertising activities and ensure their full compliance with what was stated in the advertising campaigns form and the executive instructions

With the start of the electoral campaigns for the candidates for membership of the Federal National Council 2015 approaching, and within the framework of its preparations to supervise the progress of the campaigns for the candidates, the National Elections Committee organized today a training workshop for the members of the UAE committees and their assistants from the concerned employees of the committee on the controls of the electoral campaigns for the candidates.

The training workshop aims to explain the legal aspects related to controlling electoral campaigns for candidates and monitoring the activities of candidates to ensure their compliance with the executive instructions governing the 2015 electoral process, as well as the mechanism for controlling violations or breaches that some candidates may commit.

The training workshop also included a detailed explanation of the prohibitions and permissibility related to the electoral campaigning process for candidates, the importance of controls and the impact of their application on the transparency and integrity of the electoral process as a whole, and its role in achieving a state of equality among all candidates in carrying out their campaigning activities in all emirates of the country.

Regarding the implementation of this training workshop, His Excellency Dr. Saeed Al Ghafli, Assistant Undersecretary at the Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs, a member of the National Elections Committee, said that the committee will work to clarify all legal aspects emanating from the executive instructions, in addition to the dealings of the concerned employees in the UAE committees with the item related to the electoral program. For the candidate, and the electoral campaign forms, which the candidates must fill out and submit to the Emirate Committee before the start of the campaign activities. His Excellency indicated that the National Elections Committee, through the efforts of the UAE committees, will work to monitor the implementation of the candidates' campaign activities and ensure their full compliance with what was stated in the campaign form and the executive instructions.

His Excellency Dr. Saeed Al-Ghafli stressed that the National Elections Committee calls on all candidates to abide by the controls and instructions issued by the committee with regard to managing their advertising campaigns, and to work to observe what is stated in Articles (39-51) of the executive instructions related to the controls of electoral campaigns. Noting that their non-compliance with these articles may expose them to the penalties prescribed in accordance with the executive instructions for the elections.

And according to the executive instructions of the electoral process in Article (51), the National Elections Commission has the right to consider violations that disrupt the conduct of the elections or impede the implementation of the instructions issued in this regard. The National Committee has the right to impose the following penalties: Warning a member of the electoral college to be excluded, whether from the lists of electoral bodies or from the lists of candidates in the original or supplementary elections, excluding any of the names included in the lists of electoral bodies or in the lists of candidates, even if these lists are final, revoking the license With the electoral campaign granted to the candidate, obligate the candidate to pay a fine not exceeding (five) thousand dirhams, oblige the candidate or the voter to hand over to the National Committee any sums he obtained other than what is stated in the executive instructions, obligate the candidate to remove violations related to the electoral campaign, and repair any damages arising therefrom. at his own expense, and annulment of the election result in the emirate.

According to the schedule announced by the National Elections Commission, the start date for the electoral campaign is from Sunday - September 6, 2015 until Wednesday - September 30, 2015.

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