The National Elections Committee launches its website to activate communication with all members of society

05 May 2015

In a step to enhance and activate the information sources of the Federal National Council elections 2015 to ensure the best means of access to them from all segments of society, the National Elections Committee has launched the committee's website via the Internet at the following address:

  The committee seeks that the new website will have an effective role in enhancing communication with the target audience, as well as all members of society in the country, in order to familiarize them with aspects of the electoral process and the most important procedures and instructions issued by the committee, as well as appointments related to candidacy, elections and polling centers.

The initiative to launch the website of the National Elections Committee comes as one of the initiatives of the communication plan that the committee seeks to implement by harnessing all influential and supportive channels of communication on an ongoing basis, with the aim of providing all information to the target segments and the public in the best possible ways and technologies.

  The new website of the committee includes a set of information on organizational aspects related to the electoral process that would inform the public about the nature of the committee's work and the executive instructions for the elections. In addition to comprehensive information about the National Elections Commission, the tasks and competencies entrusted to the commission and its subcommittees.

The website will also allocate a space dealing with media and guidance matters that will allow the website visitor to know the venues for holding introductory and educational seminars and events. The committee’s new website will also allow the possibility of communicating with the committee and inquiring about any information related to the 2015 Federal National Council elections.

The website will also include a diverse media library that will be dedicated to publishing news, photos, videos and all media materials that will document all stages of the electoral process, in addition to the committee's activities in the various emirates of the country.

The National Elections Committee is working to strengthen its plans to communicate and interact with the public by launching several initiatives in addition to the website in the coming period by diversifying the sources of obtaining information related to the electoral process to suit the requirements of easy and smooth access to information by the target segments and the public.

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