Dr. Anwar Gargash: Wide participation in the Federal National Council elections is a key tool for the success of the empowerment process

06 September 2011

Women are essential partners in the development of society, and they must seize the opportunity of elections to emphasize their vital role in serving the nation.

The leadership has placed its trust in Emirati youth for continued achievement and development, and their participation in the elections is a national duty

His Excellency Dr. Anwar Mohammed Gargash, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and Minister of State for Federal National Council Affairs, stressed the need for electoral bodies to exercise their electoral right, as this plays an active role in the success of the empowerment process, as the electoral momentum represents the best tool to support the program to enhance political participation and proceed with it. ahead.

He added during the lecture held by the National Elections Committee today in cooperation with the Shamsa Bint Suhail Center for Creative Women in Al Ain: “The participation of the electoral bodies in the Federal National Council elections is a national necessity that contributes to the continued empowerment of the Federal National Council and enhances its role, and the expansion of electoral bodies in the electoral experience.” The second in the UAE clearly confirms the commitment of the leadership to move forward to enhance the participation of Emirati people in drawing up the policy of their country, and from here a broad participation is necessary to consolidate the foundations of this experience and provide the Council with experienced and competent members.

His Excellency the Minister said: "The UAE has adopted for many years an approach that enables women to assume their role as an active and essential member of society, hence the electoral bodies came to confirm this approach, as women represent 46% of the total bodies, which gives a clear indication of the maturity of the civilized experience." Hence, it is necessary for women to participate widely in the elections to consolidate their pioneering experience in work and to seize this real opportunity to confirm their vital role in serving society and the state.

His Excellency continued: “Believing in the leadership of the United Arab Emirates in the importance of the Federal National Council, and in promoting political participation as a major component of comprehensive development, the first elections for the membership of the Council began in 2006, and the first experience was successful by all standards, hence the 2011 elections came with a quantum leap Significant in terms of expanding the number of electoral colleges to reach 130,000 voters, which confirms the commitment of our wise leadership to move towards enhancing participation and empowering the National Assembly in accordance with the gradual approach that builds on what has been done and does not rush the stages in an ill-conceived and hasty manner.

His Excellency Dr. Anwar Gargash said: "It is noticeable in the electoral bodies that they take into account the representation of the various groups of society, including the youth group, which is considered the cornerstone of the state's development and its future. Young people under the age of 30 constitute 35% of the electoral bodies, and the wise leadership has established She has always trusted Emirati youth, and they are called today to actively participate in the Federal National Council elections as their national duty, as they are the link with future generations, and the main element in the continued achievement and development that our country is witnessing.

With regard to the administrative aspect of the elections, His Excellency said: “The National Elections Committee is working intensively with the approach of the election day to complete all the requirements of the electoral process and implement them in a manner consistent with the visions and aspirations of the people and leadership of the Emirates, and a large part of this has been completed.”

The field, especially with regard to equipping electoral centers, in which we took into account two main elements, namely population density and geographical distance, and we have approved 13 centers covering various regions of the country.

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