The National Elections Committee stresses the importance of reviewing the electronic voting system on its website and getting acquainted with all the details of the electoral process

09 April 2011

The National Elections Committee is keen to facilitate the voting process for voters on Election Day September 24, 2011, and stresses the importance of informing members of electoral bodies of all details related to the electronic voting system, which are available on the committee’s website, in order to ensure that the electoral process proceeds as it should. It allows the voter to exercise his electoral right comfortably and easily

The committee stated in a statement that its website includes a detailed explanation in audio and video about the mechanism of the electronic voting system, which enables voters to identify it in advance, in addition to identifying the numbers of candidates wishing to vote for them, as well as identifying the pages that contain pictures of the candidates in case they wish to vote. through the candidate's photo.

The stages of the electoral process include a number of stages, which is entering the training platform on the electronic voting system, where a short training film will be shown about the voting steps, then he will test the system on the devices designated for training, then he will go to the identity verification counter where the voter is asked to present the identity card issued by the Emirates Identity Authority to verify

Whoever has his name in the Electoral College of the Emirate he represents, then goes to the electronic voting machines virtually according to the steps he was previously trained on, then prints the ballot paper

And put it in the ballot box, thus completing the voting process, and he must leave the voting room immediately after that.

The National Elections Committee stresses the need to bring the identity card issued by the Emirates Identity Authority, as it is the only document approved in the elections of the Federal National Council, and the voting process can only be practiced with this card, noting that the polling centers will open at eight in the morning and close at seven in the evening, so that Immediately after that, the preliminary results of the elections will be announced.

It is mentioned that every member of an electoral body exercises his right to vote personally, and it is not permissible to appoint another person to act on his behalf in the voting process. Voters choose the location that suits them best.

The Committee calls on all voters to participate in the success of the great national project, by following the instructions and not gathering in front of the polling centers, in a way that impedes the movement of voters who did not cast their votes, and taking into account not to take children with them to the polling centers, to ensure their safety and not to disturb the voters.

The National Elections Committee also hopes that families that include several voters will try to use one means of transportation to ensure ease of movement and not obstruct traffic around the polling centers scattered throughout the country, bearing in mind that the Elections Management Committee took into account the availability of parking lots in a way that does not delay voters and does not affect On their daily lives, so that the voter can cast his vote and leave the polling center within a short period and without any significant obstacles.

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